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Do you feel ashamed, self-conscious, or anxious about your body?
How do you believe this impacts your fitness goals?
How can you be empowered to think differently?

Only 2% of women around the world describe themselves as beautiful! We are committed to changing that.

Body image is:
• How you see yourself
• What you believe about your appearance
• How you feel about your body

Body image coaching can empower you to:
• Define and develop a healthy and positive perception of yourself
• Stop negative self talk with positive and uplifting encouragement
• Value YOU! Be happy for the person you are and for what you can achieve!

To be wholly healthy, you need regular exercise, proper nutrition, and a positive body image.

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† Dove Campaign

Would you like us to speak to your group?  We conduct workshops and seminars for ladies that want to improve their body image, such as in churches, schools, and mom's groups.  

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Holistic Health will help you celebrate and appreciate your unique natural body shape, inspiring and encouraging you to value yourself.
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