28 Days Summer Slimdown

Discover The Diet and Workout Program that will strip fat off your belly and get you toned up for the official kick off of summer!

Get in the best shape of your life with just 3 simple workouts a week and a simple eating plan that will rev up your metabolism and have you looking great!

Thanks to our Summer Slim-Down Challenge, you can be ready for that 4th of July Swim Party in Just 4 Weeks!

Summer Slim-Down Challenge:

Wednesday, June 4th – Wednesday, July 2nd

MC’s Body and Mind TransformationMC Before and After

I am grateful that I found Holistic Health’s Transformation Challenge at Camp MissFits in Littleton. When telling my friends about it, I definitely called it the Body AND MIND Transformation because I believe your life changes have to be physical and mental. I thought it would be hard getting up at 5 am three mornings a week but I enjoyed the camp so much that the adjustments in my schedule were not difficult. I could be home by 7:20 to start my work day. The best thing about this boot camp was I left every time feeling successful. The workouts were tough, the coaches knew enough about me that if I picked up a “light” dumbbell, they replaced it with a heftier one. I was pushed to the edge but not over it. At previous boot camps I felt the trainer needed to beat you down. At Camp MissFits, I was built up, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Discover the Secrets to Body Transformation That So Many Other Ladies Like MC Have At Camp MissFits®

Priscilla Freed, Coach, Speaker, Author

Priscilla Freed, Coach, Speaker, Author

From the Desk of Priscilla Freed Camp MissFits®, Arapahoe Community College, Littleton Date: May 28, 2014

How many times have you tried to get in swimsuit shape quickly but failed to do it? Even worse, how many times have you actually done it but had to starve yourself for weeks at a time while doing countless hours of boring cardio and ineffective workouts? Many times when you do this, you feel and LOOK worse than you did before.

You see, the body is a funny thing! It needs to be trained just right to make sure that you are keeping your lean muscle so that you have those toned arms; chiseled abs; and long, lean thighs that make you the envy of everyone at the pool. It doesn’t want to be starved and overworked.

We at Camp MissFits have worked hard to create a program that will help you get in the best shape of your life without sacrificing your entire life. We won’t ask for hours upon hours of boring exercise, and you won’t have to count calories or starve yourself.

Sound too good to be true? Read on…

Having to put on that swimsuit for the first time of the year is a horrifying experience for many!

We don’t want you to have to feel that way! We want you to be excited to put on that swimsuit and strut your stuff around the pool or out at the lake. It is time that you were proud of your body, and it is time you got the results that you deserve.

If you are eager to look your very best on the 4th of July, we want to invite you into our special Summer Slim Down Challenge!

Our challenge will take place from June 4th – July 2nd: 4 weeks of training, nutrition and coaching to get you in the best shape of your life for the official kick off of summer.

This challenge isn’t about weight loss; it is all about looking your best! While weight loss will certainly be a part of the program for many people, we don’t just want to focus on the weight. We want to focus on looking great and feeling great!

What you join the Summer Slim Down Challenge, you will get the following:

  • 3 Fast And Effective Workouts Per Week in our Personal Training or Metabolic Group Training Program ($199 value)
  • Easy-to-follow “Skinny Bikini” nutrition plan ($49 value)
  • Fun and healthy recipes that fit your lifestyle
  • ***EXCLUSIVE: Private Facebook Support Group for Life Coaching and Mindset Mastery Techniques ($99 value)
  • Your Very Own Personal Accountability Coach To Ensure Your Success (Value: PRICELESS!)
  • And much, much more!

This program is designed to get the everyday, working person into the best shape of their life in just 4 weeks. We GUARANTEE that if you follow the plan, put in the effort, and listen to our coaches that you will get the results you want.

We are only opening up a few spots for this program, so I want to make sure you know who this program is NOT for:

  • Those looking for the cheapest workout program
  • Those that already know how to get results
  • Those that don’t want to listen to our coaches
  • Those that aren’t ready to look at a brand new person in the mirror in 4 weeks

Even the most dedicated people can get results following this program. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you have been training for years.

These Ladies Are Proof!

J before and afterJ says No More Chubby Mom!

One afternoon before I started boot camp, my son told me that I was “a little bit chubby.” He didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, but OUCH. Was that how he saw me? I have run half marathons. I love to ride my bike, play volleyball, and do tons of other activities. So how did I get to the point of being “chubby?” Even though I enjoy exercising, sticking to a routine was really tough for me. I was full of excuses – too tired, not enough time, working late. I have learned that I need to have a strategy to make long‐term lifestyle changes and that I need to create a network of support and plan for my own success (and happiness). The first thing I did when I signed up for the Challenge was to sit down with my husband and ask him for help in achieving my goals. I actually scheduled workouts in my calendar and enlisted his help with dropping the kids off at school so that I could go to the 6 a.m. boot camp. We also agreed to cut back on eating out, limiting ourselves to just one day a week. After just the first week, I started seeing results and could start to see myself reaching my goals. With each subsequent week, my pants felt looser and inches disappeared!

I lost 12 pounds and 18 inches!!!

This challenge has motivated me to keep going so that I can reach my healthy weight goal. I would also like to achieve a personal record at my next half marathon and to compete in more bike races. And I definitely plan to NOT be a “chubby” mom any longer!

PJ lost 20 pounds and feels better than ever!

Derriere before and after As with many women out there, I want to be the pretty sexy girl. The preconceived notion that we as women have to be a certain size or shape to be beautiful is ludicrous at best. What counts is our health! I’ve tried just about every diet out there and nothing has worked until now. Why is that you may ask? What I learned is that a healthy diet does not mean deprivation! Rather, a healthy diet can be an exceptional way to live. I have learned what to eat and what to stay far far away from. I had no idea when I first stepped through those doors that there would be this much of an impact on my life. I guess I expected yet another failure. I’ve noticed subtle changes, like my flying squirrel arms don’t have as much projection as before! I can actually wave at someone with minimum jiggle. I think the thing I’ve noticed the most is how I feel, not how I look. Don’t get me wrong, other people have commented on how I am looking thinner, and that is great; but I am feeling it inside more than out. My energy level is up about 3000 gigahertz! I’m loving the feeling I get when I exercise. I feel more and more the need to push myself harder (within reason of course). I’ve learned new exercises and revisited some old forgotten ones! The thing I like is that, while I can exercise on my own, I like the group setting much better. Thanks to all of the staff and my fellow MissFits! We rock!

If you are ready to make some serious changes to your body by following our simple but effective nutrition and training program, we are ready to work with you! The only results that are unattainable are those that you aren’t willing to do the work for.

Our Summer Slim Down Challenge starts on June 4th and runs until July 2nd. We will have our official kick off meeting on June 4th to get everyone pumped for their transformation!

We are only taking the 12 people into this program though! The amount of time and energy it will take our coaches to ensure that we get fantastic results requires us to limit the participation. If you are ready to make the most incredible changes of your life, then you should register now.

How much does it cost?

This program could easily run for $399 with everything that we are giving away. It would be well worth that investment as well, but we don’t want price to be a limiting factor for you!

For only $99 for Metabolic Resistance Training and $199 for Personal Training, you can take part in the Summer Slim Down Challenge.

But, wait! We have more….

Not only will you be getting the coaching, the accountability, and the nutrition, but we are also throwing in bonus at-home workouts that you can do to accelerate your results and tone up those trouble areas. All the at-home workouts are 15 minutes or less!

  • Calorie-Crushing Cardio Workouts
  • Toned and Tight Arms Workout
  • Washboard Abs Workout
  • Lean and Mean Butt and Thigh Workout

Don’t hesitate and let YOUR spot get filled in the Summer Slim Down Challenge. Starting at only $99, you can get your workouts and nutrition covered by our amazing team of world-class coaches. You are GUARANTEED to have success in this program. If you don’t get the results you want, we will give you 100% of your money back!


If you follow our program and don’t get results, we’ll give you every cent of your money back!

All you have to do is click below to get registered today!


Starting at just $99, you get amazing results in this challenge!

There are two programs that will help you get results:




This program is a perfect fit for those who love a team training atmosphere where you get the community and social support that is crucial to getting amazing results. This program is designed to move at a fast pace and is based on our metabolic training philosophy.

Our Metabolic Group Training program is an interval-type program that uses a system of results-proven, circuit-style workouts to get you the results you want.

BUT, this isn’t like your typical group training, boot camp, or mass-exercise program. We plan and program our workouts specifically to ensure that you are getting the results you want, and we provide you with individual coaching in the group environment so that you are doing the workout that YOU need!

This is unlike any group training you have ever done!

Start the Summer Slim-Down Challenge in our METABOLIC GROUP TRAINING PROGRAM for just $99 today!




Personal Training Client

Coach Terri rewards Di – a super-start client!

This program is perfect for those who might want or need a bit more attention. If you have struggled to find the right program for you, this could be your answer!

You will get an individually designed workout based on your goals and fitness needs that will get you results faster than ever before. But you are still part of a small team with 3 other like-minded ladies for extra support and motivation!

Your coach will work with you at each workout to ensure you are using the right weights and performing the exercises perfectly so that you get the best results possible from them, and they will also keep you progressing as fast as you are able so that results keep coming and you overcome plateaus quickly.

In short, we take out all the guesswork for you and apply our YEARS of experience training THOUSANDS of clients to optimize your training.

Start the Summer Slim-Down Challenge in our MISSFITS PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM for just $199 today!


Our training programs are designed to get you results fast. We cut out all the fluff so that we get you moving your best, feeling your best, and looking your best without the frustration of boring cardio and unrealistic expectations of time you have to spend in the gym.

In just 3 workouts per week, you can get amazing results!

“It’s Time To Change Your Mindset, Lose Weight, and Look The Best You Ever Have. You Deserve It!”

If you are anything like the thousands of other people we have helped at Camp MissFits, then at one time you have done a program that sounds just like this.

You get a 28-day workout and meal plan, and then you follow it to some success.

One of two things usually happen.

1) You lose interest or are frustrated with your results halfway through and quit


2) You finish the plan and then go right back to what you were doing before and gain your weight back.

That is where our program is different from all the rest!

We provide you with BOTH Nutrition AND Life Coaching, as well as Accountability to ensure you aren’t frustrated with a lack of results. We will keep you motivated for the entire challenge and give you the guidance you need on how to keep those amazing results you worked so hard to achieve.

We aren’t in the business of getting people results for just 28 days! We want you to have long-lasting results.

You will be assigned a personal accountability coach who will provide you with unlimited email coaching and support to help you get the results you want! If you need check-ins, have questions, or want a bit of motivation, all you have to do is email your coach and they will be there to support you.

Not only do you get your coach, but you also get the support of the entire MissFits community who is doing the challenge. You will quickly learn that you aren’t the only one battling with cravings, feeling overwhelmed, or getting caught in situations that force you to make tough decisions when it comes to food.

Plus, and most importantly, in our private Facebook Life Coaching group, you will get to share your struggles and your wins – as well as lean on others for support. You will even have the advantage of getting advice from Certified Life Coaches to ensure you address – and correct – unhealthy mindset patterns in order to achieve lasting SUCCESS.

This is the piece of the fat loss puzzle that most programs are missing, and it is the reason that we can GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS!

satisfaction-guaranteedIf you follow our program and don’t get results, we’ll give you every cent of your money back!

If you are ready to take back your life, get amazing results, and finally break free of all the struggles and frustration you have had with your fitness goals, then it is time to join the Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

Register Today Starting At ONLY $99!


Committed to your success,

Priscilla Freed signature image

P.S. You can’t get this 4-week program with any other gym. There are some good programs out there, but NONE of them provide you with all the mindset and nutrition components to shed fat FAST and keep it off.

P.S.S. I almost forgot! ;) To incentivize you just a little more to rock your new body… the clients with the best results will win up to $50 in a Victoria’s Secret gift card!